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Contractor License Bond Company in Arizona

Most states, including Arizona, require licensed contractors to carry a bond in order to protect home and business owners in case the work isn’t done properly. Our contractor license bond company in Arizona, can write you one quickly at an affordable price, whether you have good or bad credit. We have an entire team of writers committed to giving you the best possible rates and a fast turnaround time with same-day service. All of the insurance and bond companies we work with have been thoroughly vetted and highly rated, so you can trust that this complex process is completed correctly with all of the necessary documentation.

We can tell you how to apply, what bond amount you need, and answer all of your questions. The state has quite a few requirements for a contractor license bond, and they can easily seem overwhelming for someone with no experience. Did you know that if the bond is done incorrectly, the state will reject your entire application until corrections are made. This can add weeks or more to the application process. We make sure everything is done right the first time. We’ve been witing Contrctor License Bonds for our customers for more than 27 years and know how to make it go smoothly.

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Why Use a Contractor License Bond Company?

Your bond is an important part of your business, so much so that you can’t operate without it. Something that essential deserves professional attention, and that’s what we provide. Plus, it’s in your best interests to have your bonds placed with surety companies that are honest and have high standards. We excel in this department by working with places that meet or exceed all federal government regulations.

Each of our bond companies has been approved by the U.S. Treasury Department and is licensed in the state of Arizona. They’re also rated Excellent by A.M. Best, so you can’t go wrong when you work with us. We know how important this is to your livelihood and handle it carefully and with the strictest level of confidentiality. Our affordable prices help keep us accessible to contractors from all walks of life, even those just starting out. Get in touch with us and you’ll see that we care about your bond as much as you do.

What’s a Contractor License Bond?

A Contractor License Bond is required by the state in order to obtain your Arizona contractor license. The bond is in place to protect private owners, commercial, subcontractors and/or suppliers. In the event that a job is not done pursuant to the contract and/or subcontractors and suppliers are not paid, they may make a claim on the contractor license surety bond. The surety will investigate and either pay or deny the claim. If a surety bond pays out, the contractor is responsible for all losses incurred. Its important to have a surety bond agent that understands all of the State requirements to ensure you get your license.

You may also end up needing a tax bond, which guarantees the state that you’ll pay the government whatever sales tax you owe. We’ll be happy to write this for you as well, so that your small business is ready to take off.

Contact us to get started on your bond. We write them for contractors throughout Phoenix, Tuscon, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, Scottsdale, Tempe, Peoria, Surprise, Yuma, Flagstaff and all other parts of Arizona.